The Sandpit

A major CPD project developed for the UA TEA in collaboration with Dr. Graham Holden

. . . intensive collaborative development forums where free thinking is encouraged, enabling staff and students to delve into wicked problems on the institutional agenda and uncover innovative solutions. . .

. . . in a safe, collaborative space, where creativity is key . . .

Working together teams search for answers to a particular question or problem area, finding a number of quick-wins, proposals that are high-impact and easy to implement, before crafting longer term solutions.

Let’s build something together.

“It is possible to tell how valuable and effective an educational development is by the degree to which it ‘catches’ on. In a sector in which development often moves carefully in a risk-averse environment, the Sandpit has been taken up with enthusiasm by institutions keen to speed the pace of action and to tackle ‘wicked’ problems effectively. Sandpits bring together colleagues working at implementation and strategic level (often cross-sector) with a clear focus on action rather than dissemination. Since the first Sandpit they have gained a momentum of their own and their reputation well has reached beyond Alliance Universities. I recommend this initiative to you strongly.” Dr Sal Jarvis, DVC Westminster (ex-PVC Herts & Director of the TEA Programme)